ref: 6c927cd2ff4089094918a4a75a026b6591876188 cms/.build.yml -rw-r--r-- 1.7 KiB
Fix(.build.yml): Port in SCP was set incorrectly (used -p instead of the
correct -P).
Feat(vendor): Updating deps.
Feat(cms.go): Retrying if requests last too long. Effective max request
time of 30 seconds (ten seconds max retried three times).
Feat(.build.yml): Perform database backup on deploys.
Fix(.build.yml): Update build for static dir.
Feat(TODO+.build.yml): More TODOs. Only deploy if current ref is latest
on branch.
Feat(.build.yml): Tip deployments.
Feat(.build.yml): Switch to debian/testing for builds (go 1.14). Only
deploy if on master branch.
Feat(.build.yml): Automated deploys via https://builds.sr.ht/