ref: 4aa45cc85249c542c4d80aed47e25c86145bcc3c cms/internal d---------
Feat(mysql): Moving to mysql. Getting ready for alpha release (just for
FIX(value tables): Each value type has its own table.
Fix(html): Cleaning up html a tad.
Feat(updating+json): Updating contents works. Can now deliver json
responses as well.
Feat(e3): Making E3 integration better. Adding tests. Potentially use as
future ref to pointer users toward to help them implement E3.
WIP(*): Creating and querying content is working. MVP.
WIP(*): Project init.
Fix(go.mod): Fixing dependency graph. Only import from git.sr.ht/~evanj
and golang.org/x.
WIP(*): Project init.
WIP(*): Project init.
Feat(*): Project init.