ref: 398a8759a304b7c11624c9f3642c3c6c07d2ab79 cms/internal/c/space/space.go -rw-r--r-- 4.9 KiB
WIP(rbac): Large DB interface refactor. Prep for rbac work. TODO: All
tests have broke. Fix them.
Fix(Org): Rework how org is pulled.
Fix(rate limiting): Refactor file upload access to RL.
WIP(rate limiting): Initial support for rate limiting. TODO: rate limit
for user to org.
Feat(Big): Added a few things here...

* MVP stripe integration (new controller/server).
* Moved tmpl to views (package v).
* Added ability to create migrations.
* Added first migration. Remove user_to_space in favor of org table.
Feat(c/*+landing): Landing page additions for payment options in the
future + refactoring all controllers to DI base controller.
Feat(c/hook): Testing complete for hook controller. 100%.
Feat(c/space): Adding more testing for space. Removing old/stale tests
(db and content).
WIP(c/space): Adding testing for space controller. Happy path is
Feat(HTTP): Refactoring HTTP routing/methods. Easier use via cURL -X.
Feat(pagination): Refactor pagination to operate on before rather than
Fix(Security): Fixing issue with caching where users could access spaces
they were not suppose to.
Feat(space): Space update complete.
Fix(cache): When ref'd items are updates, break cache of referers.
Feat(spaces): Added the ability to copy an entire space.
Feat(webhooks): Webhooks have been added.
Feat(cache): Adding more cache; cache for contenttype and space.
Feat(updating+json): Updating contents works. Can now deliver json
responses as well.
WIP(*): Creating and querying content is working. MVP.