ref: 201c77bedc473fbe974340e7486d824352c76f8f cms/internal/v/tmpls_embed.go -rw-r--r-- 427.5 KiB
Fix(save btn+stripe): Minor tweaks.
Feat(Big): Added a few things here...

* MVP stripe integration (new controller/server).
* Moved tmpl to views (package v).
* Added ability to create migrations.
* Added first migration. Remove user_to_space in favor of org table.
Fix(html): Fixing display item on index.html.
Feat(footer+logo): Updating HTML.
Feat(landing): Adding feature list to landing page.
Feat(LICENSE): AGPL -> EUPL. Changing to modified EUPL.
Fix(index.html): Slight changes to bootstrap class usage.
Feat(c/*+landing): Landing page additions for payment options in the
future + refactoring all controllers to DI base controller.
Chore(e3/defaultDepth/redirect): Slight changes. Moving things around.
Feat(c/space): Adding more testing for space. Removing old/stale tests
(db and content).
WIP(doc): Adding a documentation page. Only Spaces API complete so far.
Feat(HTTP): Refactoring HTTP routing/methods. Easier use via cURL -X.
Fix(main.css): Large ref buttons overflow.
Chore(pagination): Renaming Last to Before for pagination in
anticipation for After addition.
Feat(static): Moving all CSS/JS to static directory (no more external
CDN/unpkg usage).
Fix(iter, hooks): Fixing iterators for contenttype and hook. Improving
paging for sending webhooks. Fixing update with nested select locking
tables and timing out when ref and ref list types are updated on a
Feat(content search): Pagination for content search complete. Fix up
rest of pagination. Better queries + tmp tables for per contenttype
content searches.
Fix(new*List): Remove error, remove panic when list is of size zero.
Feat(pagination): Refactor pagination to operate on before rather than