Fix(save btn+stripe): Minor tweaks.
Fix(HEAD~1): Minor bug fixes to previous commit.
Feat(Big): Added a few things here...

* MVP stripe integration (new controller/server).
* Moved tmpl to views (package v).
* Added ability to create migrations.
* Added first migration. Remove user_to_space in favor of org table.
Fix(html): Fixing display item on index.html.
Feat(footer+logo): Updating HTML.
Feat(landing): Adding feature list to landing page.
Feat(LICENSE): AGPL -> EUPL. Changing to modified EUPL.
Fix(index.html): Slight changes to bootstrap class usage.
Feat(c/*+landing): Landing page additions for payment options in the
future + refactoring all controllers to DI base controller.
Feat(c/content): Testing complete for controllers.
Feat(c/*): Adding testing to small controllers. Removing ping
Feat(c/contenttype): Testing complete for contenttype controller.
Feat(c/hook): Testing complete for hook controller. 100%.
Feat(pkg/e3): Complete testing for E3 client code.
Chore(TODO): Update TODO list for current roadmap goals.
Chore(e3/defaultDepth/redirect): Slight changes. Moving things around.
Feat(c/c.go): Testing for core controller.
Fix(c/space): Test coverage was whacked out over t.Run usage.
Feat(c/user): Adding testing for user controller.