Fix(content.html): Broken go template for updating existing content
after removal of reference type from content type.
Chore(readme): Removing tag line.
Chore(printf+mod): Go vet fix and whatever changed in go.mod.
Feat(css): Reworking some css.
Fix(autocomplete): Remove debug value.
Feat(css): Removed most css. Plain HTML for most things.
Fix(search): Removing big string from content search.
Feat(contenttype+content update): Content types and contents will proper
diff on update (eg when content type updates, children can properly add
their new field values and so on).
Feat(contenttype): Content Types can now be updated.
Fix(db_test): Adding more DB integration tests. Fixed content delete bug
causing data loss.
WIP(css+queries): Removed CSS. Tweaked content type query order by.
FIX(webhooks): Fixing body send of webhooks.
Feat(webhooks): Webhooks have been added.
Fix(various): Various small things. Logging. CSS/JS.
Fix(search): Tweaking search API. Return full items.
WIP(reference list): Getting closer to completing ref list impl.
WIP(cache): Improving cache code reuse.
WIP(Reference+ReferenceList): Getting the ball rolling on reference
WIP(Reference): Reference type almost complete.
Feat(cache): Adding more cache; cache for contenttype and space.