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Chore(TODO): Update TODO list for current roadmap goals.
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Cache listicles.
Provide documentation on *.html pages for how to interact with cms.evanjon.es
  via cURL.
Complete e2e and integration testing.
Provide a Go API under git.sr.ht/~evanj/cms (move from
  git.sr.ht/~evanj/evanjon.es) and provide more fine-grained ways to interact
  with content/contentype search APIs.
Add "after" pagination option.
In ContentSearch use transaction on ContentGet.
Make content create have name field be StringSmall, StringBig works for example (if cURLing).
At least 80% code coverage on entire repository.

Fullscreen takeover for html/markdown editors.
Sidebar nav for desktop
vet image and file uploads
payment option for users who use official site
testing: 100% happy path and 80% total
controllers in one directory
cache lists
Go API move from evanjon.es and augment
Depth option on APIs
NOT NULL on varchar