Idaho, USA


Hi, my name's Evan. I moved to https://sr.ht/ recently. Was sick of self-hosting. It may be a bit messy at the moment.

I'm a former full-stack developer, current student at the University of Idaho, and will be looking for full-time work again soon. If you're looking for someone with a passion for owning their stack and tooling email me. me@evanjon.es

I favor the Go programming language above others but have a fondness for a number of programming languages (most in the C family but I can get weird). I'm not picky.

My new years resolution is to write more. Stop by https://evanjon.es/blog some time. I would love your thoughts.

Other places I frequent: https://github.com/mini-eggs https://twitter.com/minieggs40 https://lobste.rs/u/jajsemevan https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=minieggs


Personal website. Built with Go.


A Forth implementation in Go.


An old-school content management infrastructure for most.


Easy to use security concerned operations commonly needed for CRUD applications.


Evan's S3. Bare bones object storage. https://e3.evanjon.es/


Statically embed files in your Go source code. //go:generate


https://smscp.xyz/ The easiest way to copy text to and from your phone and computer.


Similar to errgroup but count the number of errors, if you care.


.vimrc and other


A React inspired, component-based UI library for the web. Built with Superfine. Built to be lean.


Generate static color favicons. https://favicon.evanjon.es/


A programming language for your fingers.




Spongebob case your standard input.


The wtf2 utility, much like the original wtf for NetBSD 1.5, looks up the meaning of one or more term operands specified on the command line.

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