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C2mon-Core is a tool that take a list of IP addresses and ports as input, and then outputs a file that shows whether or not those connections were successful. It is designed to run as a service, so that you can have another program read in the file it outputs and display the information in a more friendly manner.

This repository also includes install and uninstall scripts.

##File Locations

Input file: /etc/c2mon/c2mon-core.targets Output file: /etc/c2mon/c2mon-core.output


###Install Script

The install script needs to be run with root privleges.

The install script will move c2mon-core into /sbin, create the directory /etc/c2mon , and move the targets and uninstall files into /etc/c2mon .

###Uninstall Script

Also needs to be run with root privleges.

Assuming the install script has been run, this will clean up all files moved/created by the install script, in addition to the output file created by c2mon-core.

###Manual Install/Uninstall

####Compiling the program

If you want to compile the program yourself, see this page: https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install for information on how to install Rust.

After installing Rust, run

$rustc /path/to/c2mon-core.rs

to compile the program.

Otherwise, I've included a compiled binary in the git repository.


c2mon-core has three expectations.

  1. c2mon-core.targets to be in /etc/c2mon
  2. to be able to write to /etc/c2mon
  3. to be able to make outbound TCP connections

Any way you can provide it these three things, it should work. As far as uninstalling is concerned, only you know how to uninstall what you manually set up.