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#Some Programs that I'm writing/have written

I'm not a particularly great programmer, but here's a few projects in varying stages of incompletion that you are welcome to use.

The projects are all under the GPLv3 or Unlicense.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns etc., please feel free to contact me at evan.g.hoose (at) protonmail.com .




A stupid simple static site starter.

I guess it can technically include JS/PHP or other dynamic stuff, but I haven't actually tested anything like that.

View the source at Sourcehut



C2mon is a suite-in-progress of tools to help monitor infrastructure.

Currently, the only public part of this is c2mon-core. This program takes an input file of IP addresses and port numbers, and attempts to make outbound TCP connections to each host in the file. While doing so, c2mon-core outputs a file that shows which hosts have been responding to connections.

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Some random pieces of code I keep around because they're neither enough to make a library, or useless enough to throw out.

Mostly going to be Rust/PHP

Currently holds a rust function to pass things to /bin/sh and a PHP function for validating phone numbers.

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###A Shared 404


Not technically code, but it's going here anyways.

The files from which this site is built.

You can view it at, you guessed it, Sourcehut