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#Things that didn't fit This is where I'm going to link to all of the things that I find interesting and that didn't fit anywhere else.

I'll post the link and a short description from the site linked to. If I can't find a good description quickly on the site, I'll write one and let you know I wrote it.

##Communications Matrix Protocol Element (Matrix Client)

##Blogs, roughly speaking at least. Hundred Rabbits Low Tech Mag Hackaday Hackernoon

##Search Engines BoardReader - Forum search engine. MillionShort - Gives options to remove top sites. Requires JS. Runnaroo - "A better private search engine." wiby.me - Search the "Classic Web". wiby.org - Blend wiby.me and the "Modern Web" Beaker Browser - Not a search engine, but still cool. Infinity Search - Yet another search engine. Requires JS. Yacy - about page - Peer to peer search engine. Home page. Yacy - Demo page - What it sounds like. Extremely slow.

##Webcomics. Note that some of these contain occasional NSFW themes/language. Cat's Cafe Don't hit save XKCD Ctrl-Alt-Del Commit Strip Order of the Stick Nuklear Power Phoebe and her Unicorn