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#Some Programs that I'm writing/have written

I'm not a particularly great programmer, but here's a few projects in varying stages of incompletion that you are welcome to use.

The projects are all under the GPLv3 or Unlicense.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns etc., please feel free to contact me at evan.g.hoose (at) protonmail.com .




C2mon is a suite-in-progress of tools to help monitor infrastructure.

Currently, the only public part of this is c2mon-core. This program takes an input file of IP addresses and port numbers, and attempts to make outbound TCP connections to each host in the file. While doing so, c2mon-core outputs a file that shows which hosts have been responding to connections.

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This is a library consisting of exactly two functions in PHP designed to help handle input validation.

I scrapped a project recently, and these are the only parts I thought were worthwhile.

The 'isPhoneNumber()' function will check if $string is a valid phone number.

the 'isValidTime()' function is not useful for anyone who is not using the exact same input dropdown as I was using. Maybe you'll find a use for it.

If anyone wants to see the rest of the PHP this was used with, just let me know and I'll throw it up.

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