not-yet-coded software for deploying recipricol encrypted mesh networks
see if I can use Node.js to access the wg genkey command
add git repo


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


#What is Wiredove?

Wiredove is not-yet-coded software for deploying recipricol encrypted mesh networks.

#Clone it down

clone down the git repo

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~ev/wiredove

#Why Wiredove?

There is a growing movement of projects that attempt to replace The World Wide Web. Wiredove builds upon previous and/or competing ideas to create a web alternative that is actually better than the web.

For Wiredove to be successful it should include:

  • Packet encryption by default
  • Built-in broadcast publishing
  • Direct NAT-busting private messaging
  • Legacy webserver hosting

Basically, once you fire up Wiredove you should be able to talk to people over Wiredove without logging into an IRC channel.

To accomplish this goal we want to avoid using a DHT, because a DHT shows everyone on the network the ip address of everyone on the network.

We also want to avoid using a web browser as the gateway to Wiredove. You can use a web browser to browse legacy websites deployed by Wiredove participants, but Wiredove should be usable without having to install Firefox or Chrome.

#Why did you call it Wiredove?

gb was tasked with coming up with the name for the project, because she didn't like my initial name. So we were walking to the grocery store (the only place we're allowed to go now) and she kept saying nature words. I said: why not call it Wiredove? And then we looked up and saw a dove on a wire. This appeared to be a good sign, so that is now the project name.

Wiredove.net seemed to be the right icann domain to register here, since Wiredove is a network.

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