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no one sends Gerry to Gshpitz
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This is Gmerica, look at you stockin' now.
This is Gmerica, look at you locked-in now.
# No one send Gerry to Gshpitz

The window-busted Gmerica Bus pulled into the parking lot next to the rail yard, where the train was waiting, just off the highway. On each car of the train a Gmerica banner appeared to be affixed to the side with twine.

The hobo, Abe, and Ben exited their Gmerica Bus, as it no longer had a door. A bus full of Mexicans, some wearing jeans and cowboy boots, others dressed in dirty green tracksuits, pulled up next to them. The hobo moved to pry the door off their Gmerica Bus, then he handed the crowbar to the first person to get off the bus. "Go pop all of these buses open, will ya?" the hobo said. 

"Get off me you G-turds." shouted a rather large man wearing a filthy purple tracksuit. He had wedged himself in the doorway of the only open door on the train car and was refusing to be pushed in by two Gmerica Defence Forces officers dressed in sparkling yellow tracksuits.

"Just get in there!" shouted one of the GDF.

"Give me your phone, I need to call my lawyer!" shouted the big man in the purple tracksuit. "No one sends Gerry to Gshpitz." he muttered.

"There aren't any lawyers in Gmerica!" shouted the GDF, trying to wedge his elbow in the train car to get a little more leverage.

"My lawyer isn't in Gmerica, G-turd. Get off me." said the man in a purple tracksuit.

The GDF tried to shove him into the car one more time, but then he popped right back out as the people who were already on the train gave him a shove from the other side.

A short man in a red tracksuit ran up screaming "social distancing! social distancing! Everyone! Some of these detainees have the Gmazon virus!" He joined the other two GDF in trying to shove the large man in the purple tracksuit onto the train, but he just popped right back out again as there really wasn't any room on the train anyway. 

"We should probably do something about this situation. Where are my zipties?" said the hobo. Abe produced the bag of zipties, as they moved to pull the two GDF officers off the purple tracksuited man. Within moments the GDF were ziptied to each other with the arms behind their backs.

The man in the red tracksuit simply ran off.

"A whole train of detainees, and only two GDF and one captain?" muttered the hobo. "They are obviously not taking this Gmazon pandemic seriously."

Sirens could be heard coming from the direction of the highway, somewhere off in the distance.