A social layer over news.ycombinator.com
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#Fracker News

#a social layer and local caching of hacker news comments and stories

Try it: https://frackernews.deno.dev/


Oh Hackernews, HN, news.ycombinator.com, that news platform with the comments that I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've been repeatedly checking almost every day for ten+ years.

I realized when hn went down for a bit that I still wanted to read the comments even when it was down, so I hacked up a little JavaScript that caches the comments in the frontend using IdbKVStore and then renders them up in the DOM using hscrpt.

Then while I was at it I added a way to follow/unfollow your favorite comment makers so you can see when someone posts who you enjoy.


The script fetches stories using the Hacker News API and reads them into an infinite scroller. If you already have the story, then it does not fetch it again to avoid hitting the API repeatedly.


There are a few things that bug me about how this works, but since this is a one-off project that I built just for myself I'll probably only fix them when I get very annoyed by them. If you want to fix any bugs you're welcome to fix them and then send a patch.

Questions? ev@evbogue.com