dead simple ed25519curve box and unbox
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send message to yourself if no publickey is provided
save encrypted files to boxes folder and simply usage


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This is a dead stupid simple way to encrypt a message using tweetnacl.box to a recp.

The idea for this dexbox wasn't mine, but was first put into words by former roomie of mine in Oakland named "Johnny" who at last known contact was hoboing around the San Francisco bay area.

The idea for the app is to collect a bunch of messages and see if you can decrypt them, if you can't decrypt the messages then you're out of the loop!

You'll know who sent the messages, but not who can decrypt them.

How you distribute those messages is up to you; use your imagination.


To use dexbox you'll need Node.js and you'll need to type npm install.

To encrypt a message you need to write your message into the command line:

node dexbox <publickey> 'Hello World!'

If you don't already have a keypair, dexbox will generate you an ed25519curve keypair and save it to disk as keypair.


node dexbox 'aW83Fju6D89MZJdZrOb39++9br5S+TYKPXjg2SSEhXE=' 'Hello World!'

To send a message to yourself just leave out the public key:

node dexbox 'Hello World!'

If you've done everything right, dexbox will encrypt the message to the recp you've specified and then save the file as a hex encoded hash in a folder called boxes. It'll also console.log the boxed message.


The dexbox protocol is three base64 objects:


To attempt to decrypt files in the boxes folder, run:

node dexunbox

You can also specify a specific file or folder with:

node dexunbox foldername
node dexunbox filename