The Ferale computer
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-- Ferale

Ferale is a savage personal computer
invented by Zoé Martin in 2020.

The knowledge documented here describes how to
build and program such computer.

It is meant as a base for a completely
free (libre) technology for personal use.


-- License

This work is distributed under the conditions
of the Anarchist Revolutionary License.

You will find the terms of this license
in the following files:

  LICENSE.EN  (English)
  LICENCE.FR  (French)

Both texts apply to this work. 


-- Goal

It's goal is to make, from scratch, a complete
but minimalist computer experience.

It's goal is to make available to the public the
whole knowledge required to make computer works
from the ground up.

It's goal is to be resilient, and be easy for
humans to repair, adapt, share and evolve.

The goal is NOT to become a capitalist-driven
open source project.

The goal is NOT to be used by millions of people
all around the globe.

The goal is to provide a simple, understandable,
minimal informatics plateform for small, local,
anarchist human communities.

The goal is to be a technology that endures
the years to come: that is simple enough that if
it breaks, it's easy to repair.

The goal is to put back computers where they
belong: as a tool to help humans.


-- The four animals of this project

  Louve is the fire in the processor.
  Alosa is the water in the graphics unit.
  Bourdon is the earth in the assembler.
  Mesange is the wind in the forth system.


-- Notes about contributing

You might have noticed commits are mostly written
in French.
That's a way to fight against the global cultural
monopoly perpetuated by the United States.

Every body contributing to this project is
encouraged to use one of their native languages
for commit description (yes, even if that means
most people won't get it).

If this project is international, then let's embrace
all aspects of it. Nobody cares about commit
descriptions anyways.

For the other means of communication, like email
and chat, the most common language between guests
shall be spoken (not necessarily English, but it
might be in most cases).


-- Where to begin

You should have received this knowledge as a
collection of files.

Here are the main entry points:

  README        You are here
  LICENSE.EN    Anarchist Revolutionary License (English)
  LICENCE.FR    Anarchist Revolutionary License (French)
  emu           Emulator (written in gforth)
  mesange       Operating system (written in Louve)
  bourdon       Assembler & emulator (written in Racket)
  luciole       Electronic schematics and simulator
  manuel        Documentation & manual