Fix missing website description
styles.css: Add horizontal scrollbar on long code blocks
Add EuAndreh suffix to all titles
Commit til.md with TIL scratches
Remove "boneco" from about pages
pr post: Clarify statement on "Git federation"
pr post: break lines that are too long
Add post on git request-pull
mail cli til: Encourage reader to try
mail cli til: Add clearer separation between code examples
Revise pt translation of simple-filename-timestamp
Add til on CLI email
db post: better pinpoint sqlite unsuitability
db post: Add link to email exchange
db post: improve wording of posix-sqlite note
db post: Add correction on SQLite assumption of POSIX filesystem
finally change mailto link to "RE: "

This was itching me to see many people using the "Re: " version.
Make about page more brief.
db post: Add updated_at timestamp
Add sha256 to downloaded hunspell dictionaries
db post: Fix typos