Sort posts by date in reverse
Remove TODOs.org
_config.yml: Exclude result from Jekyll build
Fix navigation bar links to Atom feeds
Merge branch 'tidy'

Add HTML linting and identing validation step.
Improve error message of tidy-content.sh
Remove old error tidy message
Add building docs to test derivation
Call tidy-content.sh in build derivation
Fix call of tidy: run in quiet mode
Only list posts for languages there are available
_layouts/default.html: Generate langs <ul> only when there are langs
Merge branch 'master' into tidy
.build.yml: Don't publish when not on master branch
/home/andreh/dev/libre/dotfiles/scripts/ad-hoc/pastebin.sh: Auto-add _pastebins/guix-shebang.md
html tidy wip
Sort pastebins listing by date
Remove unused pastebins layout
Add missing URI escaping