Update indentation of utils.nix
CLI: WIP: work on build-songbook subtask
Upgrade Perl 6 version in META6.json
Comment bogus sexps in package.scm
Use Perl 6 v6.d
Perl 6: Add integration test to =build-song= function
WIP: Add (not working) package.scm
Move env.sh into ./docs/ folder
Add 1 git-crypt collaborator

New collaborators:

	B9578058 builds.sr.ht-gpg <builds.sr.ht-gpg@euandre.org>
default.nix: Format with nixfmt
Use same $NIX_PATH locally and in CI
Unlock git-crypt in setup.sh
utils.nix: fix mkShell function
Add simple shell.nix
Make ./scripts/ci/setup.sh executable
Rename .build.yaml -> .build.yml

Otherwise builds.sr.ht won't trigger.