ref: 316939aa215181b1d22b69e94241eef757add98d dotfiles/bash/symlinks.sh -rw-r--r-- 2.9 KiB
Remove symlinking actions to private data

Do it in Git Annex repo instead.
Remove AWS credentials

Use Git Annex repo instead.
Move IMAP credentials out of dotfiles repo

Use Git Annex repo instead.
Use ~/dev/libre/borg/ repository for config
Check if folder exists before creating nested symlink
Add initial elfeed configuration
Recreate newsboat urls symlink
Add ArchiveBox setup

- add repo to mrconfig;
- create daily log file;
- add `archivebox` executable to $PATH;
- create cronjob to run every 12 hours;
- backup ~/archive/ folder.

Side note: medium.com DNS resolves to an IPv6 address but rejects connections
from clients that try to reach medium using it. I had to force an IPv4
connection instead.
Remove buku configuration.
Remove stale link to bash_git.sh.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'srht/master'
Setup integration between buku and newsboat.
Integrate buku with newsboat.
Setup newsboat configuration.
Fix shellcheck ofsenses on bash scripts.
Add custom nu gitconfig options in nugitconfig.ini file.
Add ssh_config.conf file with a symlink at ~/.ssh/config pointing to it.
Add upsert_dir_symlink fn.
Improve extarnal drives symlinks.
Add lein/deps.edn file for clj deps.
Configure default applications for video and HTML files