ref: 2295b855de63442767f2e5a3ee5ec034f5e6bc30 dotfiles/git/gitconfig.ini -rw-r--r-- 1.8 KiB
Remove encrypted/nugitconfig.ini
Merge remote-tracking branch 'srht/master'
Add custom nu gitconfig options in nugitconfig.ini file.
Enable followTags in gitconfig.
Set fetch.prune to true in gitconfig.
Remove FIXME comments.
Add =git sync= alias back.
Don't enable --show-signature git option by default
Add integrity check and signature showing to gitconfig
Never confirm before sending email
Always annotate sendemail
Run fake-symlinks after env.sh
Encrypt gitconfig
Remove tab in gitconfig
Remove git sync alias
Remove $EMACS_GITHUB_TOKEN env var
Add =git sha7= alias and use it in $PS1
Initial commit: now public (again)