Don't use default wget retry
Add crontab to check wifi and restart NetworkManager if not connected
configuration.nix: Add wirelesstools package
spacemacs.el: Update generated stuff
Always backup layouts file in Nextcloud/Cache/ folder Remove non-Nix rustup instructions
spacemacs.el: Suppress high_volume from RSS feed
profiles.clj: Bump cider-nrepl version
configuration.nix: Enable KVM kernel module
configuration.nix: Add CMUS package
configuration.nix: Disable GNOME Tracker

configuration.nix: Disable GNOME Online Accounts and evolution-data-server
spacemacs.el: Open configuration.nix file with 'SPC f e c'
configuration.nix: Format with nixfmt (linter offense)
configuration.nix: Use blueman for bluetooth management

It's easier and simpler to work with than bluetoothctl (like in
./scripts/ad-hoc/, but it still doesn't work well with headphones (~1m
range max) and it freezes with external bluetooth adapter.
spacemacs.el: Enable auth-source-debug
.gitattributes: Remove deleted files from the git-crypt list
spacemacs.el: Add ERC layer for IRC
spacemacs.el: WIP Configure Guile with geiser
spacemacs.el: Use custom search filter for elfeed