Remove Nix shebangs from cron scripts
configuration.nix: Add html-tidy package
fake-symlinks.sh: Remove vps from SRHT_REPOS[@]
restart-network-manager.sh: Use bash as shebang
pastebin.sh: Assert repo 'mr isclean' before creating pastebin
usurpador.nix: Install zoom-us
configuration.nix: Add exercism CLI tool
aliases.sh: Do mr checkout before
Fix elfeed.sh cronjob setup

- https://github.com/skeeto/elfeed/issues/130
- https://github.com/skeeto/elfeed/issues/338
Add shellcheck source dev/null path
guix-pull.sh: Add guix to path in cronjob
repo-update.sh: Source SSH variables to be able to pull
configuration.nix: Add cppcheck package
configuration.nix: Comment (broken) stylish-haskell
configuration.nix: Remove rustup
spacemacs.el: Add generated code
Use feo instead for find-os-declaration-file
spacemacs.el: Add php layer
Ignore FIXME marks in pastebin.sh
Add pastebin.sh script