configuration.nix: Install Swift from 19.09
configuration.nix: Install wasm-pack
configuration.nix: Format source code (linter offense)
configuration.nix: install carnix and pinentry
configuration.nix: Uninstall mariadb
configuration.nix: Use nixfmt from nixpkgs
configuration.nix: Install crate2nix
configuration.nix: Comment swift package

The build is broken
configuration.nix: Remove newsboat package Move Nix GC into it's own file Run notmuch new after erasing files of deleted emails

If is ran twice, the second time would try to erase files
that were already erased. Running 'notmuch new' after erasing the files
we need to update the index, and 'notmuch new' does that here.
configuration.nix: Remove pkgsUnstable

After changing NixOS channel to be nixos-unstable, there is no more need
to have
a pkgsUnstable variation of pkgs.
configuration.nix: Enable GnuPG under programs

As suggested in:
configuration.nix: Use unstable version of Vagrant Run notmuch before running mbsync
configuration.nix: Force installation of quodlibet
configuration.nix: Fix services warnings