configuration.nix: Remove unused chromium package
configuration.nix: Accept android license when using proprietary packages
usurpador.nix: Add openfortivpn

The package itself isn't proprietary, but fortivpn itself seems to be.
archive.sh: Quote "$PWD"
symlinks.sh: Remove Clojure links
archive.sh: Give up and use Docker for now
archive.sh: Use exit and remove comments
chmod +x scripts/ad-hoc/mbox-archive.sh
nix-search-update.sh: Use a legitimate query to avoid the error exit code
repo-update.sh: Show stats of repos
Add website pane to annex.yml tmuxinator project
Remove FIXME marker from archive.sh: Cronjob email will remind me of this
Change subject of cronjob email report

This way they will all align better on the inbox
Split notmuch-restore.sh from notmuch-dump.sh again

Doing them sequentially like that could lead to data loss: tags that I added
between the two commands would be overwritten.

Using --accumulate wouldn't solve it: this would add +unread and +inbox to all
emails, essentially, since --accumulate does an union of tags.
Remove duplicated "Starting: ..." timestamp log
Remove unused once-only.sh
Do restore after notmuch-dump
ps1.sh: Quote variables in if statement
init.sh: Remove leftover code
Remove duplicated scripts/ad-hoc/mr-remotes-backup-job.sh
Stop overriding FROM: when using mailutils