Update indentation of utils.nix
Move ./env.sh to ./docs/env.sh
utils.nix: Add shell derivation helper functions
Add colors.sh
Ignore "utils.nix" instead of "default.nix" by default
Add -x flag to shellcheck call in utils.nix
Update generated utils.nix
Format utils.nix
Update generated utils.nix
Use code from utils.nix in default.nix
Add default -E flag to shell scripts
Add generated utils.nix
Use NixOS for CI build image instead of Debian.
Add shebang to env.sh.
Use ~/ instead of $HOME on .build.yml.
docs: Add symlink to LICENSE file under docs/.
Nix: Redirect =swift test= to =$out=.
Change license to AGPL
Fix env.sh: add export to variables.
Add note on jazzy package.