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#What is this repository?

This repository contains the source code for the SILL, the catalog of recommended free software for the public sector.

The list of software itself is maintained on this repository.



~$ git clone https://github.com/etalab/sillweb
~$ cd sillweb/
~$ clj -M:test
~$ clj -M:run
~$ clj -M:fig

Check http://locahost:9500 then hack and see changes going live.


#Configure environment variables

You will need to configure these environment variables:

SMTP_HOST: the host from which to send emails
SMTP_LOGIN: the smtp login to use to send emails
SMTP_PASSWORD: the smtp password to use to send emails
SILLWEB_ADMIN_EMAIL: the email where to receive messages
SILLWEB_FROM: the From header for sent emails
SILLWEB_PORT: the port to run the application
SILLWEB_MSGID_DOMAIN: what fqdn to use to build the message-id
SILLWEB_STATIC_FILES_PATH: where to store static files (no trailing slash)

#Deploy as a jar

~$ git clone https://github.com/etalab/sillweb
~$ cd sillweb/
~$ clj -M:js
~$ clj -M:uberdeps
~$ java -cp target/sillweb.jar clojure.main -m sillweb.server

Then go to https://localhost:3000 or to your custom base URL.

#Deploy with Docker

Assuming your environments variables are stored in ~/.sillweb_envs and you want to expose the 3000 port:

~$ git clone https://github.com/etalab/sillweb
~$ cd sillweb/
~$ clj -M:js
~$ clj -M:uberdeps
~$ docker build -t sillweb .
~$ docker run -it -p 3000:3000 --env-file=~/.sillweb_envs sillweb

Then go to http://localhost:3000.


There is no real roadmap but you can check our issues to see if you can help or suggest a feature.


The development of this repository happens on the SourceHut repository. The code is also published on GitHub to reach more developers.

Your help is welcome. You can contribute with bug reports, patches, feature requests or general questions by sending an email to ~etalab@lists.sr.ht.


If you want to help with the translation:

  • add your language to src/cljc/sillweb/i18n.cljc
  • add relevant variables to src/clj/sillweb/views.clj

Hack and send a pull request, I would be happy to integrate your contribution.

#Support the Clojure(script) ecosystem

If you like Clojure(script), please consider supporting maintainers by donating to clojuriststogether.org.

#Archived on Software Heritage



2019-2021 DINUM, Bastien Guerry.

This application is published under the EPL 2.0 license.