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#title: Wiki of Etalab's Free Software unit toc: true

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This page is the wiki of the free software unit of Etalab/DINUM, in charge of the action plan for free software and digital commons for the French public administration.

We publish here various resources about code.gouv.fr and our other products.

#Free Software guides: using, publishing and contributing

#Action plan for Free Software and digital commons

You can read the english translation of the French [action plan for Free Software and digital commons](- Plan d'action logiciels libres et communs numériques).

#Contribution Policy for Free Software of the State (2018-2021)


Contributions are welcome! You can send patches to the public mailing list ~etalab/logiciels-libres@lists.sr.ht. If you are a regular contributor, you can request write access to the wiki repository.

For patches to target this repository, add this parameter to your local copy: git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH logiciels-libres'


Contents of this repository are published under the Open License 2.0.