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title: Action plan for Free Software and Digital Commons
date: 2021-11-10

*Translations: [French](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.md), [Italian](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.it.md)*

The “Free Software and digital commons” action plan was designed by
the Ministry of Public Transformation and Civil Service following the
publication of the Prime Minister’s data circular n°6264/SG of April
27, 2021, and aims to support the State’s digital transformation.

This action plan is led by a new Free Software unit, set up within the
Etalab department of DINUM.

Its objectives are to increase awareness and use of Free Software and
digital commons in the administration, to develop and support the
release and opening of its source codes, and to use Free Software to
strengthen the attractiveness of the State as an employer of digital
talent, in particular by enhancing the value of public contributions
to the projects and communities concerned.

The actions are jointly led by the Free Software expertise unit, with
the support of the LABEL and TALENTS missions of the [TECH.GOUV
"TECH.GOUV program - External link"). Other initiatives led by DINUM
may also contribute from time to time (notably the BETA and PILOT
missions). The plan and the progress of its implementation will be
published on
"communs.numerique.gouv.fr - External link").

# Better understanding, use and design of free software and digital commons

1. Reference free and open source solutions (in the GouvTech catalog).

2. Reference free software and digital commons significantly used by
   the administration and develop the exchange of internal expertise
   (in the interministerial base of free software - SILL), including
   these actions: 

   - Highlight significantly used free and open source libraries;
   - Reuse source code developed by other administrations;
   - Promote and support the administration’s contribution to free
     software and the digital commons it uses;
   - Monitor the digital software commons to detect opportunities to
     use and contribute to them, particularly for issues of

3. Facilitate access to the interministerial market for free software
4. Support administrations in the creation of digital commons for the
   conduct of public policies.

### Develop and support the opening and release of source codes

1. Support administrations in opening their source codes. Help
   administrations mobilize their ecosystems around published source

2. Develop the code.gouv.fr platform:
   - Reference the codes and libraries published by administrations.
   - Valorize source codes with a high potential for reuse; build an
     inventory of unpublished source codes that could be reused.
   - Highlight the administration's contributions to the open source
     software ecosystem (solutions and libraries) and the digital

3. Animate the community of interministerial relays on the subject of
   the publication of source codes; maintain the guides for software
   openness; support useful partnerships for software openness.

### Rely on free and open source software and the digital commons to strengthen the attractiveness of the State as an employer for digital talent

1. Animate the BlueHats information and expertise exchange network;
   publish its newsletter.

2. Promote agents and researchers who contribute to free software or
   digital commons; organize an annual "free and open source sprint"
   event to federate.

3. Attract experts in free software, open source, and the digital
   commons to the administration in connection with the other actions
   of the TALENTS mission, in particular by listing them in the
   digital talent pool.

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date: 2021-11-10

*Altre versioni: [francese](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.md)*
*Altre versioni: [francese](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.md), [inglese](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.en.md)*

Il piano d'azione "software libero e beni comuni digitali" è stato
ideato dal Ministero della Trasformazione e della Funzione Pubblica in

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@@ 3,7 3,7 @@ title: Plan d’action logiciels libres et communs numériques
date: 2021-11-10

*Autres versions: [italian](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.it.md)*
*Autres versions: [anglais](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.en.md), [italien](plan-action-logiciels-libres-communs-numeriques.it.md)*

Le plan d’action « logiciels libres et communs numériques » a été
conçu par le ministère de la Transformation et de la Fonction