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#Consolidate and generate codegouvfr data

codegouvfr stands for code.gouv.fr.

The code in this repository creates json/svg/xml files used by the code.gouv.fr web application.

#Installation and configuration

  1. Install a Java runtime for Java version 8 or 11. You can check the existing version of your java runtime with java -version. OpenJDK 11 can be installed on Debian-compatible GNU/Linux systems with apt install openjdk-11-jdk.

  2. Install node.js and vl2svg (npm install -g vega-lite).

  3. Install Clojure: follow installation instructions on clojure.org.

  4. Install rlwrap. For example on Debian-compatible GNU/Linux systems with apt install rlwrap.

  5. Clone this repository and enter it: git clone https://git.sr.ht/~etalab/codegouvfr-consolidate-data ; cd codegouvfr-consolidate-data

#Generate consolidated files

  1. You may use input files. These files are in the data folder of codegouvfr-fetch-data. Copy them in the project directory. For example cp -r ../codegouvfr-fetch-data/* . If you skip this step, the input files will be fetched from code.gouv.fr.

  2. Launch the command clj -M:run.

#Get the data

The data are published under the Open License 2.0:



2020-2022 DINUM, Bastien Guerry.

This application is published under the EPL 2.0 license.