src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Fix the URL for CDL providers
publiccode.yml: Delete

This is not yet fully reusable.  Maybe when this frontend is mature
enough, we can extract some part that other FR administrations can
Bump to DSFR 1.7.2
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Fix some i18n translations
Allow to filter by repos with publiccode.yml
Also display CNLL providers
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Fix providers detection
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Comment out unused binding
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Add a view to display providers
src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs: Update translations
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Continue previous commit
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Fix typo
src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs: Update accessibility declaration

Downgrade to "partially conform".

We received a bug report explaining that some RGAA accessibility
criteria were not met, we need to investigate them.
about.*.md: Add link to sill.tsv file
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Fix previous commit
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Don't display SILL dereferenced software
Allow filtering SILL entries by searching tags
Add SILL as .pdf, .md and .org
Add SILL "Version" (aka "Minimal version") column
src/codegouvfr/core.cljs: Remove unused binding