4a1f0b20393bd08e873841aac9daefbde3ae7d21 — Bastien Guerry 14 days ago 906d3fe master
src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs: Update accessibility declaration

Downgrade to "partially conform".

We received a bug report explaining that some RGAA accessibility
criteria were not met, we need to investigate them.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs
M src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs => src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs +2 -2
@@ 28,7 28,7 @@
    :Tag                           "Version taguée"
    :Tagname                       "Nom du tag"
    :Tags                          "Versions taguées"
    :accessibility                 "Accessibilité : totalement conforme"
    :accessibility                 "Accessibilité : partiellement conforme"
    :added                         "Ajouté"
    :all-dep-types                 "Tous les types de dépendances"
    :all-forges                    "Toutes les forges"

@@ 206,7 206,7 @@
    :Tag                           "Tagged version"
    :Tagname                       "Tag name"
    :Tags                          "Tagged versions"
    :accessibility                 "Accessibility: conform"
    :accessibility                 "Accessibility: partially conform"
    :added                         "Added"
    :all-dep-types                 "All dependency types"
    :all-forges                    "All forges"