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Link to available homepage URL on organizations' logos
2 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

M src/codegouvfr/core.cljs
M src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs
M src/codegouvfr/core.cljs => src/codegouvfr/core.cljs +19 -7
@@ 1297,7 1297,7 @@
                              d ; description
                              o ; organization_url
                              ;; FIXME: Where to use this?
                              ;; h ; website
                              h ; website
                              ;; an ; annuaire
                              f ; floss_policy
                              p ; platform

@@ 1306,16 1306,28 @@
                              r ; repositories_count
                              ]} dd]
                   [:td (when au [:img {:src au :width "100%" :alt ""}])]
                   [:td (if au
                          (if (not-empty h)
                             {:title (i/i lang [:homepage])
                              :href  h}
                             [:img {:src au :width "100%" :alt ""}]]
                            [:img {:src au :width "100%" :alt ""}])
                          (if (not-empty h)
                             {:title (i/i lang [:homepage])
                              :href  h}
                             (i/i lang [:homepage])]))]
                     (when (not-empty f)
                        [:a {:target "new"
                             :rel    "noreferrer noopener"
                             :title  (new-tab (i/i lang [:floss-policy]) lang)
                             :href   f}
                         [:img {:src "/img/floss.png"}]]
                         {:target "new"
                          :rel    "noreferrer noopener"
                          :title  (new-tab (i/i lang [:floss-policy]) lang)
                          :href   f}
                         [:img {:src "/img/floss.png" :width "25px"}]]
                        " "])
                     [:a {:target "_blank"
                          :rel    "noreferrer noopener"

M src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs => src/codegouvfr/i18n.cljs +2 -0
@@ 59,6 59,7 @@
    :go-to-website                 "Visiter le site web"
    :groups                        " groupes"
    :home                          "Accueil"
    :homepage                      "Page du site associé"
    :home-about-desc               "Pourquoi ce site ?  Comment est-il fabriqué ?  Où télécharger les données ?  Comment contribuer ?"
    :home-deps-desc                "Quelles sont les bibliothèques de code les plus utilisées ?"
    :home-groups-desc              "Quelles sont les organisations et groupes qui publient des codes sources ?"

@@ 225,6 226,7 @@
    :go-to-website                 "Go to website"
    :groups                        " groups"
    :home                          "Home"
    :homepage                      "Associated homepage"
    :home-about-desc               "Why this website?  How is it built?  Where are the data?  How to contribute?"
    :home-deps-desc                "What libraries are frequently used by all the repositories?"
    :home-groups-desc              "What organizations are publishing source code"