Misc formatting and other changes
Enable multiline org markup
Add dashboard
Temporarily disable magit-todos as it was slowing stuff down
Increase GC threshold
Add module for assembly language
Do not get EIN from MELPA (packaged in private Guix channel)
Add jflex mode
Filter out the "noagenda" tag from agenda views by default
Fix style errors in module-org.el
Enable flycheck globally in programming language buffers
Remove column-enforce-mode in favor of builtin fill column indicator
Enable auto-fill-mode in org
Remove unused code
Optimize things a bit
Change config to use several packages from Guix instead of MELPA
Change time zone for daylight savingss
Fix C/C++ config and clang-format config
Change agenda start weekday to Sunday instead of Saturday
Add keybinding for racket-xp-describe