ref: 36de31bd7f41ae7cb38356a9aeb47e2fa178d104 .emacs.d/init.el -rw-r--r-- 3.0 KiB
Remove unused code
Optimize things a bit
Change time zone for daylight savingss
Change time zone to GMT+8 (daylight savings)
Add google-c-style for classes :/
Make a lot of changes :/
Remove dependence on custom.el file

It's probably not good practice to have a file that will be
autogenerated anyway and contains directories specific to my machine
checked into the git repo. use-package has capabilities to define
customization variables that should be set anyway, so I'm removing
custom.el from the repo.
Make more major performance improvements with use-package
Add Coq/Proof General config
Move command enabling to a different module
Add ediff config and undisable a function
Add misc module and CSV mode config
Add email configuration
Add org-mode config
Add huge performance improvements
Add support for a lot of different languages
Add Arduino module
Add module for web development config
Extract all functionality into modules

This will make everything a lot easier to maintain in the long
run. The init.el was getting really long and hard to keep track of.
Install company-quickhelp mode