Enable auto-fill-mode in org
Remove unused code
Optimize things a bit
Change config to use several packages from Guix instead of MELPA
Change time zone for daylight savingss
Fix C/C++ config and clang-format config
Change agenda start weekday to Sunday instead of Saturday
Add keybinding for racket-xp-describe
Convert python-config to use-package; enforce Python 3
Add ocamlformat
Add global binding for lsp-rename
Remove extra yasnippet dir

The Guix package for yasnippet-snippets has been updated to
automatically make the snippets available to Emacs. No need to
manually add them to the snippet path anymore.
Update quick-goto function to have a shortcut for Guix manifest
Add yaml-mode
Use company-math with Coq
Enable yasnippet and LSP in LaTeX mode
Change time zone to GMT+8 (daylight savings)
Set default tab-width to 4
Add function to colorize the compilation buffer for JUnit tests
Remove lsp-java-lens-mode