d6c66eac4042937c8a8db9ea7b4be0d2519c720d — Evan Straw 2 months ago 92f7268
Optimize things a bit
2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

M init.el
M modules/module-appearance.el
M init.el => init.el +1 -1
@@ 38,7 38,7 @@ There are two things you can do about this warning:
  (when (< emacs-major-version 24)
    ;; For important compatibility libraries like cl-lib
    (add-to-list 'package-archives (cons "gnu" (concat proto "://elpa.gnu.org/packages/")))))
(package-initialize t)
  (require 'use-package))

M modules/module-appearance.el => modules/module-appearance.el +12 -16
@@ 1,9 1,4 @@
;; -----------------
;; Configure fonts
;; -----------------

;; -----------------
;; Configure themes
;; -----------------

@@ 15,12 10,7 @@
of a light theme."
  :type '(boolean))

(defun doom-themes-init ()
  (if use-dark-mode
      (load-theme dark-theme t)
    (load-theme light-theme t))
(declare-function doom-themes-init (buffer-file-name))

(defun dark-mode-on ()

@@ 42,27 32,33 @@ of a light theme."
  (setq doom-themes-enable-bold t      ; If nil, bold is universally disabled
	doom-themes-enable-italic t)   ; If nil, italics is universally disabled
  (defun doom-themes-init ()
    (if use-dark-mode
	(load-theme dark-theme t)
      (load-theme light-theme t))

(use-package all-the-icons
  :after (doom-themes))

(use-package flymake
  :config (set-face-attribute 'flymake-warning nil :underline '(:color "yellow" :style wave)))
  :config (set-face-attribute 'flymake-warning nil :underline '(:color "yellow" :style wave))
  :defer t)

(use-package doom-modeline
  (defun doom-modeline-daemon (_frame)
  (defun doom-modeline-daemon (&optional frame)
    "`doom-modeline' strangely does not behave in a daemon-session.
So we need to fix this ourselves."
    (setq doom-modeline-icon t)
    (setq doom-modeline-height 35)
    (message "doom-modeline fixed"))
    (setq doom-modeline-height 35))
  (add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions #'doom-modeline-daemon)
  (setq doom-modeline-buffer-file-name-style 'file-name)
  :after (doom-themes all-the-icons))

(use-package org