Python ncurses front-end for bitcoind using asyncio
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fix net display (#17)
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Merge pull request #11 from sp4ke/patch-1
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use "rpcconnect" instead of "rpcip" in conf file


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#bitcoind-ncurses2 v0.3.1

Python ncurses front-end for bitcoind. Uses the JSON-RPC API.


  • esotericnonsense (Daniel Edgecumbe)


  • Developed with python 3.6.2, Bitcoin Core
  • PyPi packages: aiohttp and async-timeout (see requirements.txt)


  • Updating monitor mode showing bitcoind's status, including:
  • Current block information: hash, height, fees, timestamp, age, diff, ...
  • Basic block explorer with fast seeking, no external DB required
  • Basic transaction viewer with fast seeking, best with -txindex=1
  • Ability to query blocks by hash, height; transactions by txid
  • Wallet transaction and balance viewer
  • Charting network monitor
  • Peer/connection information
  • Basic debug console functionality

#Installation and usage

git clone https://github.com/esotericnonsense/bitcoind-ncurses2
pip3 install -r bitcoind-ncurses2/requirements.txt

or, on Arch Linux:

pacman -S python-aiohttp python-async-timeout
cd bitcoind-ncurses2
python3 main.py

bitcoind-ncurses2 will automatically use the cookie file available in ~/.bitcoin/, or the RPC settings in ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf. To use a different datadir, specify the --datadir flag:

python3 main.py --datadir /some/path/to/your/datadir

This is an early development release and a complete rewrite of the original bitcoind-ncurses. Expect the unexpected.


Please report any problems using the Github issue tracker. Pull requests are also welcomed. The author, esotericnonsense, can often be found milling around on #bitcoin (Freenode).


If you have found bitcoind-ncurses2 useful, please consider donating.

All funds go towards the operating costs of my hardware and future Bitcoin development projects.


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