DEPRECATED - see bitcoind-ncurses2
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Add note indicating where to find bitcoind-ncurses2
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Problem: scrolling to select in block viewer was broken
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#bitcoind-ncurses (deprecated)

#NOTE - this repository is no longer maintained.

#Development has moved to https://github.com/esotericnonsense/bitcoind-ncurses2

#Release versions are tagged. v0.0.23 is the latest.

Python ncurses front-end for bitcoind. Uses the JSON-RPC API.


  • esotericnonsense (the artist formerly known as azeteki)



  • Updating ticker showing bitcoind's status
  • Basic block explorer with fast seeking and no external database required
  • View transactions in blocks, trace back through their inputs and display scripts (best with -txindex)
  • View wallet transactions (txid, transaction value, cumulative balance)
  • View connected peers and chain tips
  • Network bandwidth monitor
  • Basic debug console functionality (WARNING: do not use for transactions)


git clone https://github.com/esotericnonsense/bitcoind-ncurses
git clone https://github.com/jgarzik/python-bitcoinrpc
mv python-bitcoinrpc/bitcoinrpc bitcoind-ncurses/

Copy ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf to bitcoind-ncurses's folder, or alternatively run with the switch --config=/path/to/bitcoin.conf

This is an early development release. Expect the unexpected.


Note that bitcoind-ncurses now supports Python 3.

$ python main.py
$ python3 main.py

#Frog Food

If you have found bitcoind-ncurses useful, please consider donating. The funds will be used for creating future Bitcoin development projects.


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