bitcoin core node monitoring service
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Bitcoin Core node monitoring service.


#NOTE: please use tags (v0.1.0) for deployment on the real internet.

#the master branch is not secure and is only for use on testnet

#you have been warned.


ScreenShot bitcoin-top is Free Software, licensed under the GNU AGPLv3.


  • docker, docker-compose
  • Developed with: Rust, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, bash...


  • Persistent database of historical memory pool data and network activity
  • Live display of blocktemplate
  • Live display of block information
  • Node uptime
  • To be continued...

#Installation and usage

  • Ensure that the dependencies (docker, docker-compose) are installed on your system.

  • If you would like to use your own postgres or bitcoind instance, edit genconfig.sh as necessary.

  • bash genconfig.sh -> to generate docker-compose.yml

  • bash run.sh -> to start the containers

  • By default the service will listen on port 3000.

  • During initial synchronization the interface may be slow. This is a work in progress.


Please report any problems to bitcoin@esotericnonsense.com.

Patches welcomed.

The author, Daniel Edgecumbe (esotericnonsense) can often be found milling around on IRC (#bitcoin, #bitcoin-core-dev, #bitcoin-dev Freenode).


Special credit to the Bitcoin Core development team who work tirelessly to ensure that the network continues to spin.


Development work on bitcoin-top is wholly funded by donation.


bitcoin 3BYFucUnVNhZjUDf6tZweuZ5r9PPjPEcRv