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autoarch provides basic scripts to perform an automated install of Arch Linux in a virtual machine.

Main git repository: https://git.esotericnonsense.com/pub/autoarch.git

Sourcehut: https://git.sr.ht/~esotericnonsense/autoarch

GitLab: https://gitlab.com/esotericnonsense/autoarch.git

GitHub: https://github.com/esotericnonsense/autoarch.git


Daniel Edgecumbe (esotericnonsense)



autoarch requires an up-to-date version of Arch Linux, and the mkarchiso utility provided by the archiso package (pacman -S archiso).


To build the ISO, enter the build directory and run sudo ./main.sh. Root permissions are required in order for the correct permissions to be set within the built image.

The built ISO will by default be placed in /tmp/archiso-out.

By default, this ISO will use the install script present in the repo it is built from. By modifying build/config.sh prior to building, a remote repository can be specified which will be cloned at runtime.

More options are available in install/config.sh for configuration of the installed system. The install/packages.list file can be modified in order to change the packages that are automatically installed.

#Important note

The created ISO will completely erase the contents of the disk you point it at (e.g. vda by default) without confirmation prior to installation.

Consider yourself warned.


autoarch is subject to the GNU GPLv2 only, contained in the document LICENSE.GPLv2 which should be distributed with the software.