configure: add missing item to liblua for-loop list
add clp_path to error message
namespace cleanup, bugfixes

handle bad opts, better error messages, fix regression where text after line highlight is not displayed
check for luautf8 in ./configure
add luautf8 dep for compat because scintillua uses lua5.3 utf8
add syntax files for integration tests
add color theme CLI override and integration tests
run c file through default clang-format
fail when used on a directory
update lexers to scintillua 6.1
055fbd47 — Greg Dubicki 1 year, 9 months ago
Make install command more precise

to work around the naming clash with another "clp" package
in homebrew (the COIN-OR Linear Programming Solver).
additional benchmarks in readme
fix theme formatting
add solarized and monokai themes
remove generated themes and add gruvbox theme
improve line highlighting