Ropes data structure library for SWI-Prolog
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Add a Makefile and bump patch version to 0.1.8
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Move tests to `test` directory
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SWI-Prolog pack implementing the rope data structure.


To install this package as a library run the following command:

$ swipl -g "pack_install(ropes)" -t halt


Online autogenerated documentation can be found here and also here.

To generate and view the library's documentation locally, run:

$ mkdir -p doc                                                                     && \
    swipl -g "[library(ropes)], doc_save(library(ropes), [doc_root(doc)])" -t halt && \
    open doc/ropes.html


For questions, requests, patches, please write to ~eshel/dev@lists.sr.ht specifying the name of this repository in mail subject, e.g. [PATCH ropes.pl] fix it.