Simple source code diagnostics for SWI-Prolog.
3f501527 — Eshel Yaron 2 years ago
Use `prolog:xref_*` hooks for diagnosing code coming from stdin
9f010e51 — Eshel Yaron 2 years ago
Bump patch version to 0.1.6
1f86d96b — Eshel Yaron 2 years ago
Add option for diagnosing source code coming from stdin



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SWI-Prolog source code diagnostics.


To install this package as a library run the following command:

$ swipl -g "pack_install(diagnostics)" -t halt


To run diagnosis on all source files in a given diretory:

$ swipl -q -g "use_module(library(diagnostics))" -t halt -- some/path/*.pl another/file.pl


Documentation is generated with PlDoc and available at this link.


For questions, requests, patches, please write to ~eshel/dev@lists.sr.ht specifying the name of this repository in mail subject, e.g. [PATCH diagnostics.pl] fix it.