add gnu parallel and screen
small changes for gpg, profile and scripts
sway/config: add window rules and media keys
sway: add keyboard layouts
bin: convert some awk to perl
small edits for scripts and sway configs
update less config and location
ftplugin/sh.vim: first commit, some small changes
bin/push-sys-app.sh: check if file is readable
add XDG_STATE_HOME and some other changes
config: edit font names
youtube-dl/config: add format options; and some changes to scripts
bash_profile: add MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND
edit scripts
vim/vimrc: remove mappings for window splitting
sway/config: remove gaps
list-colors.pl: reset terminal before exit
vim/vimrc: add vimgrep mapping
foot/foot.ini: use [bell] section
wget: use env var instead of an alias