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title: tuns.sh
description: use your pico account to setup tunnels over ssh
date: 2022-08-18
tags: [feature, announcement]

In hopes of making premium services more worthwhile to users, we are testing a new service
called `tuns.sh`. `tuns.sh` provides HTTP(S)/TCP/TLS tunnels to localhost using SSH. Once you
have a pico account (as setup on our other services) and we apply a feature flag to your user,
you'll be able to login to `tuns.sh`. Here are some of things you can do with the service:

### HTTP(S) Tunnels

$ ssh -R 80:httpbin.org:80 tuns.sh
Press Ctrl-C to close the session.

The subdomain localhost.tuns.sh is unavailable. Assigning a random subdomain.
Starting SSH Forwarding service for http:80. Forwarded connections can be accessed via the following methods:
Service console can be accessed here: https://flb.tuns.sh/_sish/console?x-authorization=[REDACTED]
HTTP: http://flb.tuns.sh
HTTPS: https://flb.tuns.sh

I can then access `http(s)://flb.tuns.sh` which will forward http requests to `httpbin.org:80`.
If I'm running a local webserver (like `python3 -m http.server 8080`), I can replace `httpbin.org:80` with
`localhost:8080` and that address will forward to the http server I've just started.

HTTP(S) tunnels also support [custom domains](https://github.com/antoniomika/sish#custom-domains).

### TCP Tunnels

$ ssh -R 10001:httpbin.org:80 tuns.sh
Press Ctrl-C to close the session.

Starting SSH Forwarding service for tcp:10001. Forwarded connections can be accessed via the following methods:
TCP: tuns.sh:10001

Which will allow me to access http://tuns.sh:10001 (or any other tcp service, `httpbin.org:80` just happens to be an HTTP server)

### And so much more

That's just the beginning of what tuns.sh can do. Under the hood we're using a project
[Antonio's been working on for a few years](https://github.com/antoniomika/sish). There's a lot we can do here!

If `tuns.sh` is something you're interested in (or have some other ideas for features), join us in
[#pico.sh on libera](irc://irc.libera.chat/#pico.sh) to discuss!