fix(lists): nested parser sometimes would divide by zero
fix(lists): fix nil pointer reference in parser
docs(prose): add help section for supported hugo variables
feat: parse nav links to convert relative urls to absolute

This allows users to include posts -- from their prose blog -- as links
in the nav without needing to specify an absolute URL.
feat: tag posts with slug as classname on body

This will make it easier to do per post style changes.
feat: add ability to pipe to any service

Implements https://todo.sr.ht/~erock/pico.sh/47
3583e4a2 — Antonio Mika 7 days ago
Fixed slug being filename when file contents are the same and allow cms post management for future posts
fix(lists): need template funcs for rss feeds
fix(lists): rss feeds did not handle nested lists
feat(css): abstracted common css into single file for all services

It was becoming tedious to make the same change in three different css
files, so I abstracted the main styling into a single file and am now
copying the css into each service's public directory with `make css`.
style(prose): update default styling

- Increased header sizes
- Increased font size
- Tweaked colors for light mode
- Tweaked blockquote padding
fix(prose): init html policy once
fix(prose): regression where syntax highlighting was broken

bluemonday strips all classes so we had to allow classes.
fix(lists): spec copy changes
fix(lists): wrong anchor links
feat(lists): nested lists

Nested lists adds more complexity to our parser but the time complexity
is still `O(n)` where `n = lines in the list`.
feat(prose): support limited raw html inside markdown

It would be nice to support limited html in our markdown files so users
can futher customize their blog posts.

We are using https://github.com/microcosm-cc/bluemonday to handle proper
2980e3e5 — Antonio Mika 12 days ago
Format Caddyfile
2dc80605 — Antonio Mika 12 days ago
Added raw handler to lists
dd19f3e8 — Antonio Mika 12 days ago
Added promwish