chore: move docker commands into variable for makefile
chore(imgs): add in-memory caching for resizing images

This caching could also be used for the other services as well now.
bug(imgs): ensure webp imgs are saved

Also in this commit is a change to the resize filter algorithm to see if
that helps with quality and performance.

Read more: https://github.com/disintegration/imaging#image-resizing
bug(imgs): resize regression because of incorrect switch case
chore(prose): add some more rss endpoints
fix(imgs): do not convert svg to webp

We never actually tested svg images before "supporting" it.
style: nav links
style(prose,lists): each nav link in aside theme gets own line
chore: fix lint errors
feat(prose): aliases can have a leading slash now

It feels more natural to have a leading slash `/` for aliases even
though it's a little more work to handle it properly with current slugs.
bug(aliases): add support for comma delimited string
style: tweak max-width
style: tweak design
feat(prose): post aliases (#13)

Posts can now have alias routes as well as the default filename as the

This is an important feature to support migrating from a self-hosted
hugo blog to one hosted by pico.

title: My post
    - my_awesome_post
    - 2023/03/10/my-post
feat(prose): support custom favicon

Now bloggers can supply their own favicon inside the `_readme.md`

favicon: https://zzz.png
favicon: /zzz.png

If relative paths are supplied we replace it with `imgs.sh`
fix(lists): use correct var for blog templates
feat(cms): ability to see view count for posts
chore(db): add view count to post struct
style(prose,lists): tweaked /read and blog styles
design tweaks