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#Toolchain Docker image

Now M1 Mac compatible!

Based on the Trimui toolchain Docker image by neonloop. The toolchain blobs were created with this Miyoo Mini Toolchain Buildroot (or the aarch64 version) and include the GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 8.3-2019.03 (or the manually built aarch64 version).


With Docker installed and running, make shell builds the toolchain and drops into a shell inside the container. The container's ~/workspace is bound to ./workspace by default. The CROSS_COMPILE and PATH env vars have been updated with the toolchain location.

After building the first time, make shell will skip building and drop into the shell.


  • On your host machine, clone repositories into ./workspace and make changes as usual.
  • In the container shell, find the repository in ~/workspace and build as usual.

#Docker for Mac

Docker for Mac has a memory limit that can make the toolchain build fail. Follow these instructions to increase the memory limit.