A website: a static site literately programmed with Org-mode, Hugo, HTML, and CSS.


A document: an essay, "Why emsenn is Lowercase," by emsenn


A document: an essay, "Balance Autonomy and Accountability," by emsenn


A document, a letter, "Dear Parlour, Do We Need More Developers," by emsenn


A CSS stylesheet for representing content in a minimal but friendly way.


A document: an essay, "Cultural Guide for Fediverse Newcomers," by emsenn


A document: an expository essay, "A Brief Chemical History of Gold Currency"


A document: a contract, "One-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement"


A CSS stylesheet for representing content as its constructed.


A document: an opinion essay, "Mastodon is a Bake Fair," by emsenn


A single-file PHP blogging engine lighter than its GNU license.


A template for general documents.


A document: an expository essay about how I'll conduct myself online.


A document: a tutorial essay, "How to Keep a Larder Inventory with Ledger and Org-mode"