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#Multi-upstream mode

When setting up a new IRC client which doesn't support the soju.im/bouncer-networks extension, one needs to configure as many servers as there are networks configured in soju. Whenever a network is added or removed from the soju configuration, all client configurations also need to be updated accordingly. This can be cumbersome especially when dealing with many clients.

To address this issue, soju supports a multi-upstream mode. Instead of configuring multiple servers in the client, only one connection to the bouncer is required. soju will expose all channels and users from all configured networks on this single connection. Channel names and nicknames will be suffixed with the network name. For instance, the #soju channel will appear with the name #soju/libera, and to talk to emersion on OFTC one would need to send a message to emersion/oftc. The special BouncerServ service won't have a suffix.

To enable this mode, connect to the bouncer with the username <soju username>/*.

To add a new network, send messages to BouncerServ, for instance:

/msg BouncerServ network create -addr irc.libera.chat -name libera

To join a channel or message a user, remember to use the correct suffix, for instance:

/join #soju/libera
/query emersion/libera