v0.8.0 a month ago

soju v0.8.0

This release contains the following new features:

- Support for a new file-upload IRC extension, to allow clients to
  upload files to the bouncer. The extension is disabled by default and
  requires an HTTP listener to be set up.
- Unix domain sockets are now supported for HTTP and WebSocket listeners.
- Round-robien DNS resolution is used when per-user IP addresses are set
  up, to better spread load for larger bouncer deployments.
- Highlights are now ignored when they appear inside a URL.

Full commit history below.

Alex McGrath (1):
      fileupload: add CORS header fields

Egor (1):
      Add unix domain socket listeners for HTTP and WS

Henrique Dias (1):
      Upgrade to go-sqlite3 to fix musl build

Moritz Poldrack (2):
      Fix crash on start when file-upload is disabled
      doc: add documentation for the file-upload key

Simon Ser (43):
      doc/man: add note that memory message store is basic
      Add .b4-config
      contrib/certbot: new document
      contrib/tlstunnel: new document
      database: move schema into separate file
      contrib/certbot: set -eu in renewal hook
      server: fix malformed Web Push subscriber URI
      downstream: use fresh context to send timeout errors
      Add conn.Shutdown
      upstream: consoldate TCP dial into function
      config: use scfg unmarshaler
      Add https:// and http+insecure:// listeners
      cmd/soju: add withDefaultPort helper
      config: fix MaxUserNetworks default value
      service: don't send PART if not joined in "channel delete"
      doc/per-user-ip: fix subnet length in ip route command
      Upgrade dependencies
      doc/ext/bouncer-networks: drop work-in-progress disclaimer
      Add support for file uploads
      Add http-ingress config directive
      doc/ext/filehost: fix heading level
      downstream: fix FILEHOST endpoint
      fileupload: serve select MIME types as inline
      doc: note that file uploads require an HTTP listener
      config: validate http-origin patterns
      Upgrade dependencies
      Wire up server logger to testing package
      Ignore highlights in URLs
      fileupload: append ext to filename if missing
      fileupload: hardcode a few primary file extensions
      fileupload: URL-escape output filename
      upstream: use round-robin DNS resolution when per-user IPs are set up
      Upgrade dependencies
      upstream: fix conditional for resolveIPAddr
      auth/pam: upgrade to github.com/msteinert/pam v2
      server: print error on getOrCreateUser failure
      fileupload: fix http-origin pattern matching
      upstream: fix panic on malformed RPL_CHANNELMODEIS
      downstream: shallow copy message in SendMessage instead of deep copy
      downstream: ensure numerics always carry a source prefix
      Drop unnecessary prefixes for numerics
      Drop source prefix from most non-numeric server messages
      Remove RLIMIT_NOFILE bump

Tomasz Hołubowicz (1):
      contrib/clients: update information on ERC for Emacs

delthas (1):
      Automatically join a stored channel on INVITE

dubious (1):
      Upstream change for senpai

jacob1 (2):
      Fix missing prefix on away numerics
      Include prefix in CAP messages again