v0.6.1 a month ago

soju v0.6.1

Simon Ser (14):
      downstream: set CLIENTTAGDENY=* when upstream is missing message-tags
      upstream: add forwardMsgByID
      upstream: forward ERR_NOSUCHNICK
      upstream: don't print "unhandled message" for registration errors
      downstream: return channel in cached WHO reply
      gitignore: add doc/sojuctl.1
      user: fix dup upstream connections due to race
      user: unconditonally stop network in updateNetwork()
      downstream: return FAIL on unknown BOUNCER command before registration
      user: fix upstream connections closed after 1 minute
      downstream: error out if SASL PLAIN identity is specified
      database/sqlite: fix missing argument in DeleteUser
      Panic if isHighlight is called with empty nick
      Use database.GetNick in network.isHighlight