v0.5.2 8 months ago

soju v0.5.2

Ember Sawady (2):
      Fix NICK on upstreams supporting MONITOR
      Fix labeled-response without downstream echo-message

Jeff Martin (1):
      server: fix panic stacktrace print formatting

Petr Ročkai (1):
      downstream: fix inverted range in CHATHISTORY LATEST with a timestamp

Reto Brunner (1):
      Use output given to NewLogger

Simon Ser (8):
      downstream: re-format doc comment with Go 1.19 style
      upstream: add timeout for pending commands
      Downgrade Web Push urgency for unimportant messages
      Broadcast Web Push subscriptions in a new goroutine
      downstream: break findWebPushSubscription in two functions
      downstream: add hard limit on Web Push subscriptions
      go fmt
      Pass-through ISUPPORT LINELEN